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Meet Sasha

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My vision is to take you to a state of self where you can develop your full potential, reconnecting with yourself, making possible the union of Mind, Body & Spirit which is ultimately the yoga meaning "Union".

Discovering yourself beyond the Asanas (poses), applying yoga in real life out of the mat, to experience the inner power and to know your body and how be fully present to bring you back to balance in your nervous system, body, your emotions and your way to develop yourself in life.

A little bit about me...


Driven by a lifelong curiosity about human behavior and the underlying forces influencing our lives, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that ultimately led me to yoga in 2015. The profound connection I felt with this practice spurred me to delve deeper into the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of being. Reconnecting with yoga in 2019 after a period of reflection on life's true purpose, I experienced significant personal growth and transformation. Embracing the practice not only resulted in positive changes in how I perceived and responded to life but also inspired me to pursue a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) despite language barriers. This decision proved to be a pivotal moment, as I not only found the fulfillment I sought but also a community of kindred souls on a similar path of self-discovery. Through yoga, I've discovered a profound sense of balance, self-awareness, and compassion, and I am dedicated to sharing this transformative journey with others seeking calmness, self-knowledge, and joy.



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Private Classes

Helping individuals with one to one experience, to master your Body, Mind and Spirit.
Get to know better your anatomy, no just for the yoga practice but also to cultivate your posture and learn how your body works internally.
Cultivate awareness in your mind space, learning how the thought processing works and apply techniques that calms your nervous system, and recognize the inner voice to work actively in the re-programation of beliefs.
Connect with your pure essence and Spirit, cultivating self-love, self-observation, patience and joy.


Private lessons are designed to help you maximize the benefits of your yoga practice. We'll discuss your health goals, any injuries or physical limitations and together will create a strategy for your most benefit.

Private lessons are used for a variety of reasons, to improve on the alignment, learn about the philosophy of yoga, or learn modifications after an injury or surgery.


The community

Inspirit Yoga Studio

Yoga studio, Holistic School & Metaphysical Store.

Find me on Thursdays at 6:00pm for Vinyasa Flow

Located 7575 Kingspointe Pkwy, suite 21. Orlando Fl

RedSunYoga Studio

Yoga Studio

Find me Mondays and Fridays at 11:00am for Flow & Stretch yoga practice.

Saturdays 11:00am Yoga en Espanol.

Located in 5965 Red Bug Lake Rd Suite 201, Winter Springs, FL 32708



Sasha is a proficient and experienced Yoga instructor with an amazing enthusiastic vibe. She explains in great detail how to assume and breathe through each pose. I was so impressed with her at the studio I had to have her come in to my house for private lessons for my son. He immediately clicked with her as she has such a vibrant energy. We feel she has made a positive impact in our lives.

Patricia Knopp


Sasha is the best yoga instructor, the yoga clases are uniques and very dinamyc, sasha take cares every detail and make you feel comfortable, no matter what level you are and at the end always a meditation that level up your energy!

Astrid Avila 


I can confidently say that Sasha has made a profound impact on my life through her guidance as a yoga instructor. Sasha has a unique way of creating a safe and nurturing space for her students to explore their practice. Her gentle yet powerful cues always seem to resonate with me on a deeper level, allowing me to connect with my body and breath in ways I never thought possible.

Through her thoughtful sequencing and emphasis on mindfulness, Sasha has helped me cultivate a sense of presence and awareness both on and off the mat. I have found myself more grounded, centered, and at peace with each passing day, thanks to the tools and techniques she has shared with me.

 Thank you, Sasha, for being such a guiding light on my yoga journey.

Maria Soriano

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