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Sasha Espinoza

I am originally from Venezuela, and been living in United States since 2016.


I started wondering super early in my life why we think how we think, why we do what we do and who is really in control of everything that happen in our life.

That takes me to get my Degree in Psychology and after that and in consequence of the current situation back in country I did a Criminalist consultant certification. I always been fascinating of how different (and in some cases) how extremely polarized are the human behavior. And start asking also what tool do we have to create a balance where we are not living in survival reactive mode and also we are grounded in the process of living our life.

After all this journey of learning mind processing, I connected with Yoga (in 2015), my first practice was merely for curiosity and the result was that I felt in love with this practice. leading me then to connect with, not just the mental but also with the physical and spiritual aspects of a human being, in this case me.


Then I moved to USA in 2016 and got completely disconnect with the practice, my mood was adapting to a new country, system, starting from zero. It was until 2019 that I connected back with yoga. After those break through that life offer you to rethink about the real meaning and sense of our existence. who I am? for what I am here? whats the deal of life?. I got curiosity for everything and started researching. My first resolution was come back to yoga because once you know the sense of calm and balance that brings you it becomes like those things that you'll never forget. So I started my practice in on January 1st 2019 in my bedroom with youtube instructors. And since then my yoga practice is been opening doors and windows to re-discovery myself, what a blessing!!

I experience changes not just on my physical body, but also in my way to see life, to act in front of all  circumstances that we normally live, I was less reactive, thinking more positively and cultivating a more compassive relationship with myself, I started being able to be more aware of my thoughts and emotions. But I wanted more so I signed up for my 200h YTT, with a lot of fear because my english wasn't than rich. But I jumped in the experiences and I found not just what I was looking for, I gained a family, a community. Got to connect with other beautiful souls that were seeking to learn more about yoga. Was so transformative!

This opened a whole world of possibilities for me to be able to share my passion for yoga with others seeking for calmness, more knowledge of how to regulate our nervous system, self observation, practice being present and joyfulness.

Since there the journey is being an opportunity to develop my gift and knowledge and also impacting so many life whether with asanas practices, meditation, breathe techniques, thought scanning, coaching and actives listening.


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